About Us

About Us

We have been dealing with cultural tourism and major events for many years and we believe that Sicily is a complex universe rich in traditions, culture and excellence.

We want to transfer this microcosm of beauty and suggestions to our customers.


Taormina Cult

Taormina Cult is the first and only permanent cultural circuit of the city of Taormina.
We designed, edited and inaugurated it in 2014, after long research and after collecting precious testimonies.
The extraordinary artists who have attended Taormina, from Truman Capote to Tennessee Williams, from Greta Garbo to Oscar Wilde and Luigi Pirandello, are brought back to light during suggestive walks on board of Ape Calessino, icon of Italianness and lifestyle, retracing the ancient streets of Taormina, evoking anecdotes and characters that have animated them in every age.



Corriere della Sera

Wilde, Garbo or Capote. In the houses where the dolce vita of Taormina passed by. Taormina Cult comes to life, a circuit of “literary” dwellings.


la Repubblica

In Taormina to visit Casa Cuseni “buen retiro” of the twentieth century icons.


Gazzetta del Sud

A journey to wander through time, passing from the written page to the cinema.

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